CELEBRITY LIMOUSINE A Brandon Braddock & Jon Coombs Company

*Celebrity Limousine Worldwide.com, to be further referred to here-in as CLW.
*ViewOurFleet.com, to be further referred to here-in as VOF.

My name is BrandonBraddock and I am the founder of Celebrity Limousine. Today, me and my business partner Jon Coombs, are proud to run a Limousine Service, second to none! We built a name that people have come to know and trust. Because of our high reputation and exclusive guarantees, we are honored to serve more Celebrities on a weekly basis than most limousine services have ever had since their opening day.

Unfortunatly, their are some things that are out of our control. So we put together a Bill Of Rights when things go wrong to help make things right. This Bill Of Rights is not only for our customers, but also for our staff of chauffeurs and VIP Host. If you have any suggestions for us, that should be added or ammended to this Bill Of Rights
please call us direct. It is our staff and you, the customer, that have brought us to where we are today and allowed us the priviledge to offer the world the most beautiful, largest and most exotic cars ever built by man.

We sincerley thank you. And this Bill Of Rights is made for you."

The Nework of Celebrity Limousine is made up of several small companies: Celebrity Limousine Worldwide,Inc., Celebrity Chauffeur, Celebrity Coaches, Inc., Celebrity Coach Building, Celebrity Travel Worldwide, Celebrity Yachts, Celebrity Exotic Auto Rental, Celebrity Antiques, Celebrity Booking and Talent Agency and our latest edition, Celebrity Showgirls.

New England Nightlife is a REWARDS Company exclusively for the clients of CLW. The Network of NENL is also made up of several small companies: New England Nightlife, New England VIP, New England Go Go Dancers, New England Bouncers, New England Exotic Dancers and New England Top DJ's.

It is simple. If you want us to reserve a limo for you and we tell you we need your signature to confirm accuracy on your rservation than we need your signature to confirm accuracy on your reservation. Period. No exceptions. We run Celebrity Limousine not you. If you do not sign your contract the odds of the limousine showing up is about 5%. And that is only if you are best friends with me or my business partner. If you say 5AM and we thought you said 5PM, you are gonna be angry at us and slander us to every single person you know. If you said 5 AM buy thought you said 5PM and we show up at 5AM are you gonna pay us? No. Thats what I thought. And that is why I will not send you a limousine without your signature. Period. I run a top notch company and I do more volume here in New England than any of my competitors. Keep thing simple. If we take the time to prepare you a contract and take one of our $150,000.00 limousines off the road for you, sign your contract. Or walk to your event. Either way, we can still be friends. On Facebook. :)

We will not hold any limousine on a specific date of travel without a deposit and a signature. No exceptions.

If you have given us a non-refundable deposit, we will hold you your limousine according to your contract, however, we will not hold your DATE OF TRAVEL without your signature. No exceptions.

CLW offers 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed on all jobs or we will make it right. As per our contract, no refunds will be given. Compensation will only be given back in the form of a Gift Certificate.

The Celebrity Limousine Affiliate Program
is a Limousine Program that allows us to advertise your Limousine, Bus, Exotic Auto Rental or Yacht not only on our website, viewourfleet.com, but also throughout the CLW Network.

ViewOurFleet.com (VOF)was strategically created by Entropreneurs, Brandon Braddock and Jonathan Coombs, both President and Vice President of Celebrity Limousine Worldwide, Inc.(CLW). The network of CLW has a current value of over $100 million dollars. 60 million of the companies network is made up of OVER 175 LIMOUSINES to choose from, making it the largest fleet of limousines not only in America, but the whole entire world. And that's a fact!

CLW offers an exclusive ON TIME guarantee found nowhere, called ON TIME OR FREE. If our vehicle is 30 seconds late, we promise to give you a Gift Certificate for the full amount of your Limousine (Not including gratuity) for FREE. This guarantee is not valid if the limousine is anywhere on the grounds or premises of the address written on the contract. To validate an ON TIME OR FREE guarantee, you must call into 508-LIMOUSINE and speak to a live operator who can confirm your claim and that the driver is not on location. If you do not, we apologize now, but you will not be given a FREE gift certificate if you do not contact us live and report our limousine is late. Our ON TIME OR FREE guarantee is our promise to you that our chauffeur will be to your very first pick up address ON TIME. It does not mean that if we are taking you somewhere we promise to get you to arrive your destination ON TIME. Logically, how would we guarantee you we can get you to your destination ON TIME?? It also does not mean that if you have multiple pick ups we will have to arrive each pick up ON TIME. If you would like to do 10 pick ups, stop for a bathrooom break and a cigarette break and still want to show up ON TIME, try having the limo pick u up 8 hours early. For those of you who like to get things FOR FREE in life, that clause is for you. :) Nice try tho.

Celebrity Limousine is not like our boring competitors. Our cars are hot. Our guarantees are the best. Our prices are guaranteed THE LOWEST and our promotions like UNLIMITED HOURS are found nowhere. So enjoy your next trip with us, just make sure you abide by a few rules. Please note: If you do not follow these rules, you will be charged overtime rates. All vehicles are equipped with tracking devices and will be moitored the next day by management. NO OVERTIME CHARGES is only valid in writing on your contract or reservation. Any limousine that has the promotion NO OVERTIME, is not allowed to drive more than a 10 mile radius off route unless approved by CLW at which time overtime rates will apply. When any limousine is sent out with NO OVERTIME CHARGES, gratuity is not included. Minimum Gratuity on a NO OVERTIME RATE is $20/hr minimum. All limousines with a NO OVERTIME rate must be cleared for its next pick up if their is one scheduled. If another pick up is scheduled on a limousine it will be clearly written on the contract and showed to the client at pick up. Chauffeurs are not allowed to drive more than what the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration allows as recorded at www.fmcsa.com. For more details call 508-LIMOUSINE

NENL runs VIP Packages in over 5,000 Venues by networking with each Venue or their authorized promoters through verbal or written Sponsorship Agreements. The following VIP TERMS & CONDITIONS have been put in place for the sole reason of holding NENL, CLW and/ or it's Authorized Affiliates harmless, the evening of your special event. NENL does not charge for the information on it's website nor for any of the VIP Packages advertiseed on its website. It is a non profit website created to simply help cater to the clients of CLW by advertising what happening in the nightlife across the cities throughout New England.

Often we are asked the million dollar question. "Do you really own all these vehicles?" Our reply is always the same... "We wish." Often, jealous Limousine companies will make claims that we dont own any of our own Limousines. The truth is the owners of CLW, Brandon Braddock and Jon Coombs, personally own multiple corporations, Celebrity Limousine being the #1. 2 of the, are Auto Dealerships, 2 are Limousine Corporations. They not only build Limousine Buses from scratch, they buy, sell, rent, lease and own "alot" of their own personal limousines. As of Spring 2011 they own approximatly 30-35.

Unfortunatly, sometimes mistakes happen, wether simple or complicated and your Limousine needs to be replaced with another one. As the owner of the largest Limousine service in New England, typing this clause is not my favorite. However, lets both be realist. If you have a Wedding on a hot day in July, do you really want me sending you your Limousine if the A/C breaks? No. What about if I get a call from your Limo driver and 93 North just got shut down due to an oil spill and your Limousine has been sitting in traffic from its previous job for 2 hours and 15 minutes and still is not moving?

It is a priviledge and an honor for me to own a very large fleet and be the President of the largest Limousine Network in America. My dispatch team knows exactly how to operate a large board of Limousine reservations. Whenever a judgement call has to be made to switch a clients Limousine, management is always contacted to see if their is any other solution to fix the problem. If the call has to be madeto switch a reservation to another limousine, that can only be done by one of the Board of Directors of CLW. We take it very serious when switching someones Limousine to another one. And we only do it when we absolutely have no other choice.

Because we have the right to replace your vehcile with another one, we always give you another Limousine of equal or greater value. What that means is, if you booked an EXOTIC SUV we would give you another EXOTIC limousine. We would not downgrade you to a LUXURY SUV. Or, if you ordered a 30 passenger bus we would give you another 30 passenger Bus or a larger one at no additional charge.

Bottom line, cars are cars and regardless of them being brand new, they still are built by a man and they break down. Unfortunalty. Although we do not take pride in that, we do take pride in the most important thing about booking a Limousine with Celebrity Limousine... we own enough cars that when a problem happens we can create a solution and we can do it FAST, minimizing any effects that may happen to your special event.

CLW does its absolute very best to describe each and every one of our luxury vehicles with 100% perfect accuracy. However, vehcile upgrades and minor changes are done to our vehicles on aa weekly basis. Often, the changes to our vehciles are minor. Example; new rims orm hubcaps are replaced. Additional lighting is added, and/or something as simple as a back bumper on one of our buses may be sprayed from white to black at the discretion of our management or detail crew.

CLW holds the right to make minor changes to any vehicle without updating the description on our website. Our goal is to descirbe our fleet to our clients as BEST as possible. Please remember, we shall nor will be liable or resposnible if a change is done to one of our vehicles. When ordering a vehicle from CLW you are simply ordering the year, make, model and size limousine by contract. We will not be responsible for any minor toy or fun piece of audio/ video that wwe originally equipped in a limousine.

When we add a fog machine, play station, stripper pole or even a TV, that is simply an extra add-on for your enjoyment. When ordering a Limousine by contract, you are ordering a Limousine and not a TV or the rental of some fun laser light.

Safety is our only concern and "only" liability before the FMCSA, DOT, DPU and Commonwealth of Massachusettes.

Due to the liability of glasses breaking in our Limousines, it is against company policy to stock our limousines with glasses. Instead, we stock our limousines with large party cups which helps reduce spilling drinks also.

It is against policy here at CLW to stick any vehicle with Ice. It is hard enough to make sure a very large fleet is in tip top mechanical condition and our Safety Protocol is in check with the FMCSA and all DOT Guidelines. A simple request to put ice in a vehicle can be problematic if we go to a gas station or local convenient store and they are sold out of Ice. Before ya know it, my chauffeur is driving all over New England in a 40 Passenger 50 foot long motor coach looking for a $1.00 bag of ice. Then finally we get the call that he is late. Now you want your money back because you limo is late all because your chauffeur is on a man hunt for a bag of ice. Not gonna happen. Our overhead is very big here at CLW and the liability that comes with a large fleet of limousines driving arounf intoxicated people till sunrise is enough of a challenge for us to professionally handle. We will not risk being late for you and driving all over New England in a man hunt for you little bag of ice. Ice should be placed in our coolers after you have placed your beverages down. The ice goes on the top by you. It is for your drinks and is something you provide. Ice is not a luxury. It is frozen water and we will not be responsible to cater to your frozen drinks. Sit on our dispatch board on a Saturday night with 50 limousines all over the highways and you will understand why ICE is not the priority of a large traansportation company. (Im suprised I had so much to say over a $1 bag of Ice) - lol

We do not provide water in any of our Limousines.

We do not guarantee A/C to work in any of our vehicles. All of our vehicles are new body style, however, Limousines sometimes take a very long time to chill down inside and on certain days, when the weather is 105 degrees out, leaving the rear doors open for 4 minutes can take the interior temp from 65 degrees and bring it right back up to 95 degrees. If you are wondering if our A/C's work, we have open houses weekly and showcase our vehicles. You can feel free to feel out A/C's blow cold temperature, however, we will not guarantee you that the interior of your car is going to b 65 degrees on a day when it is 105 degrees but the humidity level feels like 125 degrees. If you think we are crazy for not guaranteeing you our A/C's will work we challenge you to get another limousine service to put in writing on your reservation that their A/C will be ice cold or you get your money back. I have been in this indistry for a very long time and... it's not gonna happen.

We think it is very professional for our drivers to contact you one hour before your pick up time. However, we dont promise it. If you would like to contact us, we have alot of phone lines and we are available 24 hours for you to call us. Often, clients will call us concerned because our driver did not call them. When we ask the driver, he/she sometimes says that they have made several attemtps but have recieved no answer. Sometimes the area has no cell signal or your cell has no reception. So again, we do make an effort to call you, but it is not our responsibility to cal you. To confirm you reservation simply call us.

Life is an event. Live up to it.