Party Bus

35-40 Passenger

This 35 Passenger Party Bus may look like a school bus but its more like the school bus your teachers DONT want you to be on. While Celebrity Limousine offers the largest inventory of party buses in America, this style party bus was made for just good times, next morning drama and a night out of funky dance moves! The couches and floors are heavy duty and this bus can handle it all. Some of our buses are very classy and conservative. Not this one. This bus has 2 dance poles and you definatly dont want mom coming along for the ride on this bus. Just the stereo system on HALF CAPACITY will probably make her never wanna hange out with you ever again!!!!! The extra wide aisles on this bus allow plenty of room for dancing. The fiber optic lighting in this bus is also the latest LED lighting the transportation industry has just come out with! The audio system is also pounding (4) 12" sub woofers, well over 5,000 watts to blast your favorite CD's and YES, this bus has iPod hook ups just dont forget to bring the cord that matches your phone. PLEASE READ: This bus does not come with A/C however, all the windows slide up and down which creates a very nice breeze as long as the bus is doing 25 mph. Please, also take note, that although this bus is registered and insured for 35-40 people, this does not mean you will fit comfortable 35-40 so please take into consideration the size of the people in your group when determining how many people you want ot transport on this bus. The pictures above were taken from our photographer team and are ACTUAL PHOTOS. Book this bus in advance because it is sold out almost every single weekend.

To reserve now call 508-LIMOUSINE.


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